System integrator

DistriSort is the system integrator for sorting solutions. You can realise substantial savings with us as the right partner for sorting. We provide a full-service solution for the client: from project preparations, during the building, delivery and the subsequent period.

Sorting solutions

Distrisort is a system integrator with sorting as a specialisation. This means that we supply concepts where a sorting machine has a central place. In order to let a sorting machine function well, it is also necessary to carry out additional tasks:
  • How do picked items arrive at the sorting machine and how are the sorted out items discharged again?
  • How does the sorting system recognise the product?
  • Must a packing list be included?
  • Must there be a label on the box for the sender?
  • Will the order be sorted on the route?
  • Will the order be packed?

Very many questions, and we know the answers. Do you want to know more?
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