Sorting systems

Sorting large numbers of items can be done in various ways. Items slide or are pushed from a position. The various sorting machines integrated by Distrisort are always from EuroSort. These sorting systems are very reliable, have a great effectiveness, require little maintenance and are very quiet. In addition, these machines can take both left and rights bends and ascending and going down in one closed system is no problem.

Single Cross Tray Sorter

EuroSort’s Single Cross Tray Sorter can easily sort the smallest, lightest, and least conveyable items. The sorter is  suitable for small parcels, e-commerce items, fashion, shoe boxes, sportswear and pharmaceutical product. The trays are...
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Twin Push Tray sorter

The ideal supplement to the Push Tray programme is the Twin Push Tray for combining flexibility with a greater capacity.
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The Push Tray sorter

The Push Tray sorter The Push Tray sorter has been developed specifically for logistical processes where different types of items which have to be sorted in mixed form. For example, a combination of cardboard boxes, (light) plastic bags and differently formed parcels. These...
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The Tilt Tray sorting machine

The Tilt Tray sorting machine has various configurations, whereby it is possible to sort one single item, two or four unique items. The selected tray depends on the required capacity and the size of the items. This method of ejecting is very...
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The Sweeper Belt sorter

The Sweeper Belt sorterThe Sweeper Belt sorter is an easy-to-integrate sorting machine with a modular structure. It is easy to extend the number of exits and the main supply track. The sorting machine brushes the product from the main supply track into the allocated exit....
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Split Tray sortingmachine

Split Tray sortingmachineThis type of machine is applied much in the clothing sector, pharmacy sector and E-fulfilment orders. It is possible with this type of sorting machine to stack products directly in a box, crate or in the exit because of the patented EuroSort tray...
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