Cross-Cross docking (how does it work?)

Fairly simple and very efficient. The incomming goods (‘returns’) are put back directly into the sorting process, to prepare the next orders in the batch. However… goods enter completely unsorted. A sorting solution will then sort the required numbers of a specific product directly to the individual order.

Items not used in the batch are pre-sorted in the same round for the next batch(es). The pre-sorted goods are therefore guided over the sorter again with the next batch. This proces is always quicker than picking and sorting them out again. Items that have not been assigned to an order in the batch can be sorterd to a stock position. At the end of the process the totals offer an accurate summary of the number of received goods. Inter-branch traffic or shop-to-shop logistics function in the same way in a distribution centre.

Cross docking flow from supplier inbound through sorting to shipping to customers

Cross Docking sorting solutions by DistriSort give you the possibility to process your flow of goods quickly and efficiently. Want to find out more? Please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Cross-Cross docking (how does it work?)


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