Standard Fashion Sorter

Automatic sorting feasible and affordable

The Standard Fashion Sorter, a pre-configured sorting solution, has been specially developed for (growing) companies that are seriously considering an automatic sorting solution, but for whom the investment in a tailor-made solution is not (yet) justifiable.

DistriSort has the solution for these companies: a pre-configured split tray sorter for the fashion industry. .
A big advantage of this is that automatic sorting becomes feasible and affordable, without compromising on quality and technology. A sorting solution that delivers savings almost immediately and speeds up, improves and makes your entire logistics process more efficient.

3D rendering of a split tray sorter, called the Standard Fashion Sorter, with direct to carton destinations and 3 induction positions.

Setting the Standard

The standard we have developed is a -Best of-, based on more than 20 years of practical experience in the fashion industry. Therefore, the Standard Fashion Sorter fits perfectly with the sorting requirements that we have experienced within the fashion industry. In quality, speed and the number of items to be processed (Standard at 7200 trays per hour). This pre-configured solution is in no way inferior to our tailor-made sorting solutions; The materials used are exactly the same and additional options are certainly possible, albeit limited. The number of outputs, for example, can be selected with increments of 12.

Fast delivery time

Setting the standard also means that we can deliver faster. Choosing for the Standard Fashion Sorter means that you can have this sorter delivered faster than any of our other solutions. Because the sorter is pre-configured, even installation and commissioning will be quicker so you can start sorting when you need to.


Automation is often perceived as expensive. However, chosing for a standard product means that we are also able to drive the cost down and this benefit goes directly to you; the customer. With a lower price than tailor-made solutions you can achieve your return on investment even with lower numbers of articles. Moreover, and this is quite unique, this sorter also has finance options available in certain markets, something that is impossible with a tailor-made solution. Ask about the possibilities that are available for you when talking to our team of experts.

Technical specification

Min/Max. article dimensions:100x100xH5mm –
Min/Max article weight0,1-5,0kg
Direct drop into destination container:400x600xH250-H500mm
Capacitystandard 7,200 trays per hour
Number of induction positions2-4 operators
Small footprintwith 48 exits approx. 60m2
Low energy consumption48 exits <3,3 kwH
Extention optionsper 12 exits

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