Twin Push Tray sorter

Affordable alternative to the Cross Belt Sorter

The ideal supplement to the Push Tray programme is the Twin Push Tray for combining flexibility with a greater capacity.

The Twin Push Tray Sorter can sort anything from a business card to a 50lb carton on the same tray. Therefore it is the best option for e-commerce, postal and retail applications. With the ability to also handle polybags and cartons in one sorter, there is no need for two different sorters. The Twin Push Tray Sorter can handle items at rates of up to 13.600 iterms per hour.

Key Features:

  • Twin Tray (double throughput capacity of single push tray)
  • Manual induction ease
  • Safe tray design
  • No-weld framework
  • Gentle push product handling

Technical details:

WeightMax. Size ProductMin. Size ProductThroughput
0.05-20Kg675 x 600 x 400mm40 x 40 x 6 mm13.600 items/hr

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Twin Push Tray sorter


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