Customers who place their orders online expect a fast and faultless delivery. You need to stay one step ahead of your competition and fulfil these expectations.

With e-commerce booming everywhere you have likely noticed that in comparison with the “old” way of processing orders there are some major differences. The main difference in e-commerce is a relatively high number of orders with few items (2 to 5 order lines) per order. Therefore, your operations are growing and you may even have reached the point where order pickers and packers are starting to get in each other’s way.

We believe that a sorter could be the solution for your e-commerce challenge.

Whether you need to:

  • Sort shop and internet orders in one machine
  • Need to process more orders
  • Need to increase the efficiency for single item orders
  • Save time with smart packaging

DistriSort has the experience with sorting concepts specifically designed for the challenges in e-commerce.

From incoming and outgoing goods, cross-docking or returns, a sorter can save you valuable time, lower the amount of errors and accelerate the operation.

Have a look at the below video or request access to our whitepaper: e-commerce sorting solutions

Learn more about the different sorting solutions that we offer by visiting the Sorting Systems pages:



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