The Sweeper Belt sorter

This sorting machine is very suitable for sorting small articles, parcels, polybags, accessories, multimedia, books and pharmaceutical articles with a maximum height of 150 mm and weight up to 2 kg. Depending on the average dimensions of the articles to be sorted, the machine can sort up to 7200 articles per hour.

Easy to integrate
The Sweeper Belt sorter is an easy-to-integrate sorting machine and has a modular structure. Increasing the number of exits and the main supply path are easily added. The sorter sweeps the product from the main feed path into the assigned exit. Exits are located on one or both sides of the main supply path. At the exits, the articles find their way into designated boxes, bags or bins.

    Type of Split Tray *
    Split TrayDual Split Tray

    Type of Push Tray *
    Single push trayTwin push trayTriple push tray

    Type of Sweeper Belt *
    Sweeper Belt Sorter

    Type of Tilt Tray *
    Tilt TrayDual Tilt TrayTwin Tilt TrayQuad Tilt Tray

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    The Sweeper Belt sorter


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