Sorting inbound goods

Sorting Solutions

The ideal sorting solution for your inbound goods goes through your outbound system. This makes it possible to count and sort by shape, color, size and weight at the same time. An additional advantage is that everything is automatically recorded in your administration – error-free and fast. You can also process return flows in this way.

Counting and Sorting

You can count and register inbound goods quickly and accurately by running them through your automated sorter. You can even choose to sort the incoming products immediately to outbound, to the next batch or to an (e-commerce) order. And you can effortlessly sort everything that cannot go through immediately, or still needs to be processed, according to your stock positions.

Sort inbound goods quickly and correctly

For most companies, the incoming flow of goods is often more laborious than the outgoing. After all, with inbound there are quite a few variables that you cannot always control. The number of packages varies and the number of products per package. Suppliers will also have their own ideas about packaging; the shape, weight, and so on. Still, you want to know whether what has been ordered has actually been delivered. Depending on the product, either every box or every product is checked. A time-consuming activity in which our sorting concepts can also be used. This saves you time, minimizes margin of error and maximizes efficiency.

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    Sorting inbound goods


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