System integrator

DistriSort is the system integrator for sorting solutions. You can realise substantial savings with us as the right partner for sorting. We provide a full-service solution for the client: from project preparations, during the building, delivery and the subsequent period.

Sorting solutions

Distrisort is a system integrator with sorting as a specialisation. This means that we supply concepts where a sorting machine has a central place. In order to let a sorting machine function well, it is also necessary to carry out additional tasks:

  • How do picked items arrive at the sorting machine and how are the sorted out items discharged again?
  • How does the sorting system recognise the product?
  • Must a packing list be included?
  • Must there be a label on the box for the sender?
  • Will the order be sorted on the route?
  • Will the order be packed?

Very many questions, and we know the answers. Do you want to know more?
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DistriSort supplies sorting concepts for logistical issues. Before a sorting concept is the correct solution for you, Distrisort first examines and assesses the current situation, together with you. Then we will discuss the required situation and define the common objective. Supported by, for example, a ROI calculation this will result in a realistic indication of the possible investment.

Service & Support

The guiding principle is a system with a maximum yield that can be used optimally by our client. Through our focus we know all ins- and outs of the supplied systems. We save all specific details of a system in the functional specifications that you, as a client, offer together with the project manager. The project department guarantees a sound and well-implemented technical and software-related structure. The full installation is always done by a team of our own staff, so that all knowledge remains within our company and knowledge of specific details is guaranteed. This means that the Service & Support department offers a rapid, accurate, reliable, sound and flexible service to the client. The choice regarding maintenance and support is always coordinated in cooperation with the client, but there are various options: from “no support at all” to a “24/7 Full Service Agreement” and everything in between.


Our Controls department develops control software for the sorting solutions of DistriSort. The Controls department develops tailor-made sorting software through specialisation and focus.

Return on Investment

When a sorting concept is considered as a possible logistical solution, DistriSort starts with collecting details for a Return On Investment calculation. This calculation offers a basis to design the concept. Through this calculation it is possible to determine an accurate investment amount, whereby the client recovers the investment through the system. In this calculation it also becomes clear what the financial consequences are of the increase in productivity and error reduction.