DistriSort: system integrator

Automated sorting = faster, better & more efficient

To give your distribution and logistics the speed, accuracy and efficiency that is required these days, a sorting solution is the only answer. Machine sorting leads to higher customer satisfaction and at the same time improving profitability (ROI). DistriSort is a system integrator for for turnkey sorting solutions within fashion, retail, e-commerce and postal applications.

Turnkey Sorting solutions

Distrisort specializes in -sorting- within the focus area -material handling-. This means that we provide concepts and advice with a sorting machine as the focus point around which everything revolves. In order to be able to make the best choice within the sorter range, a number of basic questions must first be answered, such as:

  • How do picked items arrive at the sorting machine and how are the sorted out items discharged again?
  • How does the sorting system recognise the product?
  • Should a packing list be included?
  • Should there be a label on the box for the sender?
  • Will the order be sorted by route, postal code or something else?
  • Will the order be packed?

In addition; quantity, shape and weight also play an important role in the process, as do budget and available space. DistriSort has the right solution for everything and we take you through the entire process to make sure we make the right choice together. Ultimately, we support and assist our clienst, from planning to installation and commissioning, and the long live ahead (some of our concepts have been running for over 15 years).

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Concepting, what are the possibilities?

DistriSort delivers turnkey sorting concepts for logistic issues. From thought and concept, to implementation and installation. To be able to provide you with the best assistance and advice, we go through a step-by-step plan. In order to determine which sorting concept is the right solution for your specific needs, Distrisort first thoroughly studies and inventories (together with you) the existing situation. Then we look at the desired situation together and define the common goal. We support this with, for example, an ROI calculation, in order to be able to make a well balanced assessment of a possible investment.

Service & Support

The guiding principle is a system with a maximum yield that can be used optimally by our client. The choice for maintenance and support is always coordinated with our customers. We offer various options, varying from a ’24/7 Full Service Agreement’ to a tailor-made interpretation that is tailored to your specific needs, or even no support at all if your own TD takes care of the maintenance (whereby we are always open to questions). Depending on the individual need, you can give substance to this.

Our starting point is always that you have access to a system that is maximally profitable and that can be used optimally . Thanks to our specialization, we know all the ins & outs of the delivered systems, and more. We store all the details of a system in the functional specifications that you, the customer, draw up together with the project manager. The project department then guarantees a thorough and well-executed technical and software structure. The complete installation is always done by a team of our own people, so knowledge of specific details is guaranteed and we offer the advantage of an enormous (inter)national experience within certain industries. Service & Support can therefore provide our customers with fast, flexible, reliable and reliable service.


Our Controls department develops control software for the sorting solutions of DistriSort. The Controls department develops tailor-made sorting software through specialisation and focus.

Return on Investment

When a sorting concept is considered as a possible logistical solution, DistriSort starts with collecting details for a Return On Investment calculation. This calculation offers a basis to design the concept. Through this calculation it is possible to determine an accurate investment amount, whereby the client recovers the investment through the system. In this calculation it also becomes clear what the financial consequences are of the increase in productivity and error reduction.