Sorting outbound goods

Automated sortation? We know how

Outbound sorting is what every company prefers to do. Sorting goods for customers. Automatic sorting makes this process faster, better and more efficient. But which sorting machine suits your product/company best? DistriSort advises and guides you in the selection process and offers turnkey logistics and sorting concepts. This can be for a continuous flow of goods to fixed locations (such as with parcel flows) or the sorting of separate orders. For example, think of: retail orders to stores, or e-com orders for consumers. In addition, automatic sorting gives a minimal margin of error, so greater customer satisfaction and better quality end product.

Advantages of automated sorting

Simply said: the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time at the right place. And how do we do this? Improving order efficiency in outbound goods sorting by:

  • Optimalisation of the picking process
  • Optimalisation of the packing process
  • Optimalisation of cut-off times
  • Bulk sorting directly from the warehouse
  • Minimal margin of error
  • Decreasing labour costs
  • Do more work per square meter

The best solution?

What is the best solution for my situation? We will help you answer that question (and more). DistriSort is a system integrator who helps you with your choice and implementation of Automated Sorting Systems. Due to our extensive (inter)national experience in many different industries we are able to see things from a different perspective and offer you a sorting solution that will seamlessly fit your products and company. Of course we will also review the ROI development, in essence when will you start making money with automated outbound sorting. This is usually between 7.000 and 24.000 items per hour that need to be sorted.

Where is the profit in automated sorting?

We are happy to explain it to you. Let’s say picking 1 SKU takes an X amount of seconds. Then picking 2 of the same SKU takes much less time than 2 times those X amount of seconds. Automated sorting thus makes picking much more efficient and significantly reduces the costs of the overall picking process. After collecting a set of orders and picking the ordered goods, the actual sorting can begin. Any picking errors will also be detected during the sortation process. This prevents incorrect items or incorrect quantities from ending up in the orders. This therefore contributes to the quality you deliver and also increases customer satisfaction and retention.

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Sorting outbound goods


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