The Push Tray sorter

If it fits, you can sort it

The Push Tray sorting machine is versatile and specially developed for logistics processes involving different types of articles that are sorted simultaneously and mixed up. Whether you want to sort clothes and shoe boxes at the same time, or microwaves and gift cards, the Push Tray sorter can handle it all. Designed to be one of the most versatile and flexible unit sorters in the industry.

The Push Tray sorter is a multipurpose sorting machine with carriers in four versions, which can be combined side by side.

  1. Single Tray
  2. Twin Tray
  3. Triple Tray
  4. Heavy Duty Tray

​What are the possibilities of the Push Tray sorting machine?

Articles can be offered in various ways. From light weight products in small plastic bags to 25 kg heavy boxes. This versatility makes it possible to sort up to a max 24,000 pieces per hour. The articles are pressed (pushed) from the tray during sorting and slide gently (without the product falling) into a predefined exit.

It is also possible to use an automatic feed with this machine.

    Type of Split Tray *
    Split TrayDual Split Tray

    Type of Push Tray *
    Single push trayTwin push trayTriple push tray

    Type of Sweeper Belt *
    Sweeper Belt Sorter

    Type of Tilt Tray *
    Tilt TrayDual Tilt TrayTwin Tilt TrayQuad Tilt Tray

    Describe shortly what the product is and how many products per hour need to be sorted



    The Push Tray sorter


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