Omnichannel sorting; advanced e-fulfillment

For the producer or retailer serving a customer on-time delivery to a chosen sales channel is crucial. All promises need to be met at the moment of truth; delivery. Omnichannel is the improved version of multichannel and requires a different approach.

With an omnichannel approach, the focus is shifted from sales through different channels, to a carefully coordinated total- and brand experience for the customer. If you fail somewhere, it will inevitably result in a disappointed customer. This in turn has consequences for your customer loyalty and the purchasing process.

DistriSort’s sorting solutions make it possible to implement an Omnichannel approach quickly and efficiently. DistriSort helps to get the right product to the right customer at the right time and place. For example in a store, on an online sales platform, or directly at the consumer’s home.

Omnichannel, an example:

A customer is interested in item X, because it has been on TV. The product is available via the website, but the customer would like to view the item in your store first. An app on his smartphone shows the nearest store. Through customer support, the customer finds out that the item is in the store, but not in the desired version. In the store it becomes clear in which branch the right article is available. The sales statistics show that this article, in the desired version, is a super fastmover. The new stock of this version arrives in the central DC the next day. How to act quickly, error-free, efficiently and accurately?
The answer is: a sorting solution from DistriSort.

Inbound, outbound & returns

DistriSort is a specialist in automating goods flows. With a sorting solution from DistriSort, all goods received are automatically counted to ensure that the order is complete. The required items are then sorted per order. All unnecessary goods are sorted to a SKU position or pick area to be added later in the warehouse racks. After combining the picked goods, the inter-branch returns from the stores are sorted into the orders. The order is then closed, packed, along with a packing list and/or invoice, and presented within the carrier’s time window to be sent to the customer/branch on time.

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