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For the retailer who serves clients it is crucial to deliver on time in a sales channel, selected by the client. The specialist magazine Emerce applies the following definition: “Omnichannel, or the evolved variant of multichannel, is a new method of operating. The focus is shifted from sales through various channels to a coordinated experience for the client.”

The following situation occurs: a client is interested in item X, because it has been on television.

The product is available through the website, but the client would like to see the item in your shop. The client looks for the nearest-by shop through the app on his mobile phone. The client finds out through the contact centre that the item is available in the shop, but not the required model. In the shop it is explained in which branch the required model can be found. The sales statistics show that this item, in the required model, is an absolute fast-mover. The new stock of this model will arrive in the central distribution centre the next day. How can the client act quickly, faultlessly, efficiently and accurately?

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